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Sustainable Equity Partners ("SEP") is a real estate investment firm focused on bringing energy-efficient and affordable multi-family housing to the Canadian market.
Our investment mandate is driven by 3 primary factors:

  • multi-family rents tend to be insulated from economic downturns and provides a healthy hedge against an inflationary environment;
  • the decline in housing affordability combined with long term immigration trends will continue to drive significant demand for rental housing in Canada; and
  • high barriers to entry resulting from ever-increasing land costs, increase in construction costs and an arduous development approvals process.

SEP’s executive team is a multi-disciplinary group with vast experience in land development, construction, construction financing and ongoing asset management. Our executive team includes the principals of Pre-Con Builders Ltd. (“Pre-Con”), a 4th general real estate construction company with over 100 years of combined construction management experience. Unlike many construction companies, Pre-Con provides in-house working drawings, engineering, construction and project management services for new build projects, allowing SEP to keep its processes and associated project costs as efficient as possible. Please see here¬†for some of the projects previously managed by Pre-Con.

SEP understands the need for affordable, accessible, and energy-efficient housing for Canadians, with our current projects¬†being well above the energy-efficiency and greenhouse gas reduction guidelines set by the National Energy Code of Canada for Buildings. As our name signifies, our aim is to provide long-term sustainable returns to our investors with multi-family development that meets the needs of today’s Canadians without compromising the ability of our country’s future generations to meet their own needs.

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